• Episode 68 – Saint Maud (2019)

    This week we watch the A24 release "Saint Maud" (2019), directed by Rose Glass. Saint Maud tells the story of Maud, a quiet yet pious hospice nurse taking care of famous American dancer Amanda, who has cancer. They develop a dangerous bond - is Maud speaking with God? Who knows. Listen and find out!

  • Episode 67 – The Quick and the Dead (1995)

    This time we'll be talking about the man, the myth, the legend, Sam Raimi, and his take on the Western with "The Quick and the Dead." We'll also be discussing the Western as a genre, and all the sub-genres that come along with it.

  • Episode 66 – John Carpenter and Prince of Darkness (1987)

    We're a day late and a dollar short on our Halloween episode, but who cares! It may be Nov 1, but we'll always watch a good horror movie. This week we check out genre master John Carpenter's The Prince of Darkness (1987), a science-meets-religion horror piece. We'll also be talking about John Carpenter's other works, so pull up a chair and check it out!

  • Episode 65 – Hellraiser (2022)

    We continue with our month of horror with a discussion around prolific artist Clive Barker, including his writing and film work. Then we talk about the new Hellraiser (2022), directed by David Bruckner and starring Jamie Clayton as The Hell Priest, aka Pinhead.

  • Episode 64 – The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020)

    We're back with our first horror film in the month of October with The Wolf of Snow Hollow, a bizarre little werewolf slasher where mostly women are killed. Isn't that just how it is? Anyway, some of use liked it, one of us HATED it. Find out who by listening! Listen, damn you!

  • Episode 63 – The House (2022)

    After a long break, we're back! In this episode we discuss The House (2022), a stop-motion anthology arthouse film on Netflix. We also discuss stop-motion in general. Join us!

  • Episode 62 – The Platform (2019)

    This week's film is The Platform (2019), a Netflix offering about a sort of social experiment prison, where the prison is over 200 stories into the ground with one cell per floor. Two people are kept in each cell, and everyday, a platform full of food is delivered in the center of each room for two minutes. A platform that runs out of food when it gets too low. Allegory abounds!

  • Episode 61 – The Raid 2 (2014)

    This week we revisit the Raid series with The Raid 2 (2014). Taking place almost immediately after the events of the first film, this time we see Rama being recruited to go undercover in a prison in order to bring the man who killed his brother to justice.

  • Episode 60 – Gypsy (1962)

    This episode it's back to the theater with Gypsy, the 1962 musical biopic based on the stage play about the most famous Burlesque dancer of all time, Gypsy Rose Lee, and her narcissistic stage mother who pushes her into stripping.

  • Episode 59 – Coda (2021), Coda (2019), and Coda (2016)

    What better way to celebrate the Oscars, now a month past due, than by watching a movie that shares a title with the best picture winner? Jenner and Hsien take a look at CODA (2021), an acronym standing for Child of Deaf Adults, and also the concluding passage of a piece of music. It's about a young woman pursuing a music career while trying to help her parents with communication. Nate, on the other hand, watched the epic Coda (2019), a Patrick Stewart vehicle with Katie Holmes as his... er, love interest. Yeah. He's a pianist with stage fright, she's a journalist who worships him. It's amazing.